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Home exchange: What is it?

Home exchange is an amazing new form of making holiday through the eyes of a local resident.

People from all over the world exchange their properties for vacation.

For example: A couple living in Paris exchanges their apartment  with a man living in Miami, Florida. For 2 weeks they make holiday in his home in Miami, while he is on vacation in their home in Paris.

What are the benefits of home exchange?

Home exchange makes you independent from the normal tourism industry. You live like a local in a place far away from your home.

Home exchange saves you a lot of money for hotel rooms and if you want also saves money for food and drinks.

Often people who do home exchange also exchange cars so you don’t need to rent a car.

With home exchange you get a deeper insight into the real way of living in your guest country. And you get to know people you probably never would have met, people who share your interest in seeing new places and making new experiences from a point of view which no usual holiday package will ever provide you.

I am interested in trying this. How can I start my home exchange?

Just register on our website and make contact to people who want to exchange homes with others.

The best: Registration is free for six months so you take no risk trying our platform.

We wish you nice and amazing home exchanges!

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