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Frequently asked questions!

You are not 100% sure to arrange home exchanges with HomeExchangePlace.com?
Here are some answers of the most frequently asked questions.


Why should I use HomeExchangePlace.com?

We decided to create a new home exchange platform, the one we would like to use.
However, we think, that the current platforms for home exchanging are slow, time-consuming and not up to date.

Lots of reasons but in the main - costs, lifestyle, new friends, more flexibility, more choice, great fun and part of a growing trend that is being adopted by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.
You could save easily a lot of money (depends on your living standard) on accommodation and car costs per exchange and you can have as many exchanges as you want.

Live like a local while you are on holiday. You are not “captured” in a holiday resort or hotel, but you live amongst the locals. Most members enjoy this very much.

Make new friends. Swapping homes has been in many cases the beginning of a new and long friendship.

Easy to navigate website, get all information in a view clicks.

Unique feature automatically shows you members who might be interested in exchanging with you. - coming soon

Quick Advanced Search Option - to find your desired location – coming soon

We try to make sure that there is a continuous stream of new listings; we advertise worldwide in the countries where you want to go.


What is Home Exchange?

Home Exchange is the holiday alternative where you stay in my home and I stay in yours.


What does a membership cost on HomeExchangePlace.com?

Nothing – it´s free.

We´re a free Home Exchange Network.

Register your home now for free.


What information´s about me and my family is made public on HomeExchangePlace.com?

It is up to you, what information you provide on your listing profile.
(e.g. Street, Phone-Nr., Profile-Picture)


Does HomeExchangePlace.com have any rules for home exchange?

There is only one rule:
Leave your exchanged object exactly as it was when you arrived.

Just as the other family will be in your home, it is necessary that you handle their accommodation as if it were your own.


Is it safe to exchange my home?

Good communication minimizes misplaced expectations. Ask questions about the home and area - make sure you see photos etc.

Ask for referrals about prior exchanges.

Agree on the ground rules for your exchange.

Sent an e-mail for the object for which you a interested with our contact member link.
Your object details will automatically submitted to the other home exchnage member.

Introduce yourself and your family.


Can I upload more than one home?

Of course! It´s very common to find people who only Exchange their second home.

On HomeExchangePlace.com are no limits; you can upload as many homes as you have, and in this way you will increase your options of receiving proposals to exchange your home from anywhere of the world.


I can´t log on!

Please check your mail-inbox.

You´ve got a second email to validate your email-address.

Just in case check also your junk/spam folder.

If you have forgotten your password - you can request a new password here: http://www.homeexchangeplace.com/login.html

Is your username correct?
If you setup your username e.g. as Super Man, then your username will be SuperMan. (without any spaces)

On the Logon form, clear any characters in the e-mail address and password fields.

Retype your username and password ensuring the caps lock key is not pressed.Try resetting your password.

If you have another browser installed, please try it. (If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows or Safari on Mac OS, you can download and install Firefox. Firefox is an excellent alternative and is free.)

If you still cannot log on, feel free to contact us.

Can I trust it?

Let´s imagine, that, when someone finds themselves in our home and us in theirs, there will always be a strong feeling of obligation to treat the exchange home in the way that we would like ours to be treated.


How can I add or edit my home as a registered member?

Please login with your username and password.

  • go to My Profile in the right upper corner
  • go to My Object(s)

Now you are able to add or edit your home(s).

Does the Exchange have to be simultaneous?

Typically - yes. But a lot of people exchange their second home, which allows a lot more flexibility.

For example, you might stay at my home when I am away somewhere else, and we would agree that I could stay at your home at some later time.


Are cars, bikes, motorcycles etc. also exchanged?

A part of home exchangers also exchange these things.

In this way, you can save money on renting a car, bike, motorcycle etc., if the family needs.


Who would be interested in my home?

Home exchange is very exciting.
Of course, if you have a home on the beach, or in an area in high demand, you´re going to receive more proposals for exchange.

But that doesn´t mean that having a simple, small flat in a non-touristic area means that you won´t be very visible or receive proposals.

Home exchange is very exciting because anybody can propose an exchange with all types of homes and flats. In fact, there are many people with mansions, villas, luxury flats in big cities, who are only looking for somewhere different where they can relax, and in this way a homes that is low in value can receive exchange proposals from homes that are high in value.


What about insurance and liability?

Check with your own insurance agency, but for the most part we understand that most agencies covers exchange partners as invited guests in your home or "permitted" drivers and offers coverage as such.


I only have a small home - will anyone want to exchange with me?

Of course, there are no rules, restrictions or set criteria at HomeExchangePlace.com, that's the beauty of it.

Just be honest on your appraisal of your own accommodation you are registering. Members are looking for a base to holiday from so as long as it fits that particular criteria and there family or individual needs can be accommodated, size, style or type of accommodation will only add to the whole experience at HomeExchangePlace.com.


What about my household bills?

Bills normally continue to be paid by the home owner, (the phone costs being the normal exception).

Again, these aspects at HomeExchangePlace.com experience are born out of trust and you will find that people will tend to treat and respect your home and associated running costs. Whatever you agree, agree it in advance and then there is no confusion.


Can I do an exchange within my country?

Absolutely yes, you can exchange everywhere around the world.


Can I exchange my tenement flat/house etc.?

Normally, yes.

Even though no money changes hands, a home exchange may be perceived as a sublet by some landlords / property managers. Your lease may include subletting rules that include restrictions on the length of time you may be away from home. Or your lease may not allow subletting without the landlord's written consent.

However, if you are unsure, we suggest contacting the owner of your flat/house and getting any permission if necessary.


When should we book flight tickets and other associated costs?

Make the final arrangement with your party and then submit a specific day to book your tickets. We would recommend that you then send each other a copy of the tickets by email/fax to reassure both parties all is done and confirmed. Generally, once significant amounts of money have been invested in getting to the destination country the chance, (short of sudden illness of other events out of your or their control) of cancellation is very low. Buy your travel insurance as normal and ensure that it covers cancelled tickets etc.


What´s the difference between a home exchange and a hospitality exchange?

Home exchangers trade their homes, apartments or condo at a time that is convenient to both parties, but these are not the only types of accommodations that one gets to choose from.

Hospitality exchangers, on the other hand, host each other in their homes at arranged times. Your home exchange partners stay with you as guests and then you go and stay with them as their guests. There is a social aspect to this kind of exchange that some exchangers particularly enjoy.


Can I offer my home to exchangers while I´m somewhere?

Absolutely yes - you can.

We're seeing more and more "non-simultaneous exchanges" - especially as more people have second homes.


How do we exchange e.g. keys?

A member of your family, a friend or a neighbor can welcome your guests.

If it is not possible, you can choose a secret place to hide your keys.

If exchanging the keys is not possible this way for whatever reason, they can be sent to the other party before travelling.


What is the exchange contract?

The exchange contract is a document which should and will help you to avoid misunderstandings and to set up right from the beginning the terms of the exchange.

There is no need to use it.


My home isn´t getting much answers, why?

Don't just wait for offers. Have a look around and search for exchange homes and send many emails.

Also, make sure your details are current and complete and put up as many pictures as you can.
Photos promoting the highlights of your home make a massive difference.


Should I add some pictures of my home?

Yes, some members have listings without photography's. But these listings will not be looked.

Pictures are really very important. All members who add pictures are more prominent on the website. We know that listings with pictures have 80-90% chance to finally close a successful exchange.

You can show the outside of your home, your bedrooms and your kitchen - whatever you want. You can change the pictures whenever you want and as many times as you like.

Just login to our website, go to your own listing and click on the link to modify your listing. The maximum number of pictures you can add is unlimited.


Can I arrange several home exchanges?

You are free to arrange as many exchanges as you like.

For example, you may want to arrange home exchange for a summer vacation, a spring vacation, a winter vacation or a weekend escapes. HomeExchangePlace.com allows you to specify different destinations and dates for each of these possibilities.


Who cleans the home?

Sometimes, Members arrange for cleaning, other times you clean the homes before you leave your exchange domicile.

The general rule is to leave the home exactly as you found it and to take care of the home as you expect your partner to take care of yours.


Will HomeExchangePlace.com take care of my home exchange arrangements?

The HomeExchangePlace.com website provides its member's access to other people who like themselves are interested in exchanging homes.

All home exchange arrangements are made privately between the two members. It´s your decision with whom, when and for how long you want to exchange.


I received an enquiry from another member. It is in a foreign language and I do not understand this language. Does HomeExchangePlace.com offer translation services? If not, any suggestions?

HomeExchangePlace.com does not provide translation services for enquiries.

We suggest you ask a friend who has knowledge of the language to help translate and respond to the enquiry.

Alternatively there are numerous automated translation Websites that will give you the "the basics" of the message.


Can I list my object for rent/sale on HomeExchangePlace.com?

HomeExchangePlace.com is a non-commercial home exchange website. Your listing must be a home exchange listing.

Many members exchange their secondary (holiday) home, that is also used as a rental property. Your listing may not be a rental property advertisement. Listings that are rental property advertisements are not allowed and will be removed.

If you are a rental property owner please note that there are numerous rental property sites - both - paid and free sites to list your property.

Any member that is reported to be publishing their property for rent and not home exchanging, will have their listing removed and their membership terminated.

Any links to offsite rental property advertisements are also removed.

If you are solicited by another member regarding their rental properties please contact us. Please note that the same applies to listings of properties that are for sale.

There is no money back guarantee.


I've had a problem with an exchange! Can HomeExchangePlace.com help me?

HomeExchangePlace.com is a home exchange listing platform and is not involved in the discussion or negotiation of the actual exchange between two members.

We will not get involved in any type of mediation between two parties if a problem occurs.

If a problem occurs, we suggest that you communicate directly with the other party to explain and resolve the problem.


Can we charge for additional costs?

Sometimes you could be charged for additional costs.

Example: Someone from a warm country where no heating is requires exchanges with someone in December in Germany where heating costs are very high in that time of the year. It would be no more than reasonable to charge a certain additional fee for this if the rest of the exchange is perfectly balanced.


Can I change the pictures/videos of my listing(s)?

Of course, you can change the photos/videos whenever you want and as many times as you like.

Just logon to the website, go to your own listing and click on the link to edit/modify your listing.


How long does it take to register my object?

Less than 5 minutes - if you are good prepared :-)

The whole registration is divided into 7 clear steps, leading you logically through it from beginning to the end.

Besides, not all steps are mandatory, although we strongly advise to complete all steps to increase your chances to get a successful exchange.

Tip: always add pictures of your house.


Do I have to complete my registration in one go? (Create your exchange home)

Once you have completed your account registration, it´s up to you, to create your exchange home(s).

Just login into your account and create your home.


Can I charge rent to others members?

No, HomeExchangePlace.com is a non-commercial home exchange or house swap.

To keep this clear to all users of this website, it´s not allowed to offer any accommodation for rent.


Can I email my pictures to you - I don't know how to upload it by myself?

Yes, simply attach the images and send it per mail.

We will try to implement your pictures within the next 24 hours into your account.