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Privacy Policy for the use of social media plugins

(last updated: 1st April 2012)

On our website(s) are used the following social network plugins:

If you visit our website(s), and using the plugins (above mentioned), it´s made a direct connection between your browser and the social bookmark website(s).

When you click the social bookmark while you are logged in with your account, you may choose to link our website(s) to your profile.

This allows the social bookmarks visiting our pages to assign to your account.

We hereby say, that we, as provider of the website(s) have no knowledge of the content of data and their use by the social bookmarks obtained.

If you do not wish, that the social bookmarks (above mentioned) collect any of your data, please make sure, that you are logged out from social bookmark(s).

For more informations, refer to the Privacy Policy of the social bookmarks. Please click the respective button.

From time to time, the social bookmarks change their privacy policy or change the link. If this should be, please search for Privacy Policy on the corresponding website.